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About Susie

Susie is a parent to three teenagers and if that doesn’t require resilience and a proactive approach to mental health then nothing does! She loves baking and is co-author of three books on careers and life choices, including How to Save Your Life with Steve. Following a diagnosis of breast cancer, she went through treatment during 2020 lockdowns and has come out the other side, stronger and fitter, and with shorter hair. 

About Dr Steve

Steve is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and loves James Joyce and Bruce Springsteen, not necessarily in that order. He trained to be a Roman Catholic priest and is now an atheist and married with two grown-up children. When he came to Australia from the UK in 1998 he and Susie swapped houses. Don’t get him started talking about consciousness.


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  • Anxiety by Aaron Blanco Tejedor
  • Be Kind by Dee @ Copper and Wild
  • Books by Freddie Marriage
  • Breathe by Georgia de Lotz
  • Colour by Anne Nygard
  • Courage Child by Nathan Dumlao
  • Covid-19 by Adam Niescioruk
  • Curtains by Eduard Militaru 
  • Divorce by Zoriana Stakhniv
  • Dog by James Barker
  • Empty Nest by Laura Ockel
  • Faith by Aaron Burden
  • Fighting by Frank Busch
  • Grace by Guille Pozzi
  • Green and White Waiting Room by Greg Rosenke
  • Hello by Adam Solomon
  • House by Luke Stackpoole
  • Man with a Mask by John Noonan
  • Memories by Laura Fuhrman
  • Money by Josh Appel
  • No Guts, No Glory by Artem Bryzgalov
  • One Way by Brendan Church
  • Priest by Sylvain Brison
  • Resilience by Brett Jordan
  • Santa by Lynda Fuhrman
  • Shakespeare by Birmingham Museums Trust
  • Sliding Doors by Amisha Deotale
  • Soldiers by Timon Studler Sjyn
  • Staircase by Benoit Beaumatin
  • Support by Neil Thomas
  • Synaesthesia by Nitish Meena
  • Tulips by Rupert Britton
  • Umbrellas by Judith Girard Marczak
  • Wreath by Arno Senoner
  • Yoga Mats by Jordan Nix